Blood Tests

With RN Privée, you can have your blood drawn by our caring nurses in the comfort of your home. Busy at work? We can meet you in your office. Our tests are processed quickly and securely by a private laboratory, CDL Laboratories.

Please note: A requisition from your doctor is needed for us to process any laboratory tests.

Curious about which tests we can do? Examples of laboratory tests we offer include:
  • General Wellness Panels
    • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
    • Hematology and Electrolytes
    • Cardiovascular (Lipids, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, HDL, LDL)
    • Liver and Renal (ALT, ALP, AST, BUN, Creatinine)
  • Thyroid and Endocrine Panels (TSH, Glucose, etc.)
  • Urine Analysis and Cultures (including a wide variety of urine tests)
  • Stool Tests (FIT, stool culture, Ova & Parasites etc.)
  • Strep Tests
  • Allergy blood tests
  • Prenatal Panels (Including Prenatal Glucose/Gestational Diabetes tests)
  • Prenatal Genetic Screening (Harmony, Panorama)
  • Fertility blood panels
  • Pediatric blood tests (heel pricks, venipunctures)
  • COVID Antibody Test*
  • And many more

How it works

  1. Contact us with your blood test requisition
  2. Receive a detailed estimate for your blood test (can be used to verify your insurance coverage)
  3. Accept the estimate and make an appointment that works with your schedule
  4. Your nurse arrives for your appointment
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