RN Privée provides corporate services such as flu vaccines, blood work, and covid tests all in your workplace. Group rates are available for groups of 10 or more.

Flu Vaccinations

Your employees will thank you for providing workplace flu vaccinations as a corporate benefit. Increase productivity by decreasing the number of flu related sick days your office takes. Thanks to RN Privée’s flu vaccination corporate service, your employees don’t have to take a day off for their flu vaccine appointment. Flu vaccines can be done efficiently during the work day, taking only 15 minutes out of their busy schedule. As an added benefit, some offices like to open the flu vaccine perk to the families of their employees. Our RN Privée nurses are highly skilled and specialized in vaccinations of all ages.

COVID-19 Tests

Invest in your team’s health and safety. Simplify Covid tests for your employees’ gradual return to the office or make business travel tests as easy as possible. Contact us for special pricing for your team.

Email us for more details and for group rates: info@rnprivee.com