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RN Privée

RN Privée is Montreal’s exclusive mobile clinic providing nursing and health services in the comfort of your home. Trusted since 2017, RN Privée is Montreal’s first mobile clinic to specialize in at-home vaccinations. With a strong team of registered nurses and healthcare professionals, RN Privée stands by its reputation as the number one nursing service in Montreal.

  • Blood Tests
  • Vaccines
  • Pediatric blood tests
  • Medication administration
  • Other Services

Blood Tests

With RN Privée, you can have your blood drawn by our caring nurses in the comfort of your home. Busy at work? We can meet you in your office! Our tests are processed quickly and securely by a private laboratory, CDL Laboratories.

Some of the lab tests we offer:

  • General Wellness Panels

    Complete Blood Count (CBC), Hematology and Electrolytes...

  • Thyroid and Endocrine Panels

    TSH, Glucose, etc.

  • Allergy blood tests

    Options of over 100 possible allergens


RN Privée offers a wide range of vaccines for babies, children, and adults all at home. Committed to following the Quebéc Immunization Protocol, we pride ourselves in the safety and meticulous care brought to each appointment.

  • Scheduled Vaccines

  • Pregnancy Vaccines

  • Seasonal Flu Vaccines

  • Travel Vaccines

Other Services

  • Medication Administration

  • IV Therapy

  • Suture & Staples removal

  • Newborn Checks

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Kind and Helpful -

“ First time using their service for my girls. With everything going on I wanted to make sure my new baby and her big sister were safe from unnecessary germs at home to get their vaccines. They are so kind and helpful. They respect your choices when it comes to vaccines. Very quick response time. Melissa was an absolute gem. My 4 year old was not the best patient but Melissa stayed calm and comforting. Looking forward to continuing our services for the year. “

Melissa D.
Excellent Customer Service -

“ Used this service for bloodwork in order to avoid hospitals during the pandemic. Both nurses who came to our home were approachable and kind. I also wish to commend Nathalie on her excellent customer service. All questions I had about the process were answered quickly.. Will be using this service again for sure! “

Sophia L.
Super nice -

“ Highly recommend! At home blood test was quick and convenient and staff is super nice! “

Maria F.
Professional and efficient -

“ This is the second winter that we use the nursing service of RN Privée. They are very professional and efficient also great with kids. My kids got their flu vaccines from them with no tear and smile. It’s really convenient to get the flu vaccines at home. Thank you for making our life easier. “

Maryam Z.
Very professional -

Very professional, great service and prompt to call back and follow up with results. Very happy with their service and highly recommend.

Nadine A.
Easy, painless and convenient -

Used their testing service multiple times before travel. Results by email within the same day. It’s easy, painless and convenient!

Sahil D.