Bringing your baby out for the first time could be nerve racking when you’re not sure how well your baby will behave. Whether your baby is a newborn or 7 months and eating solids, these tips can help you for a smoother outing. Below is a list of 7 recommendations for bringing your baby out to a restaurant.

1. Choose the right time.

Make sure the hour you’re going for dinner is appropriate for your little one. Meaning not nap time or bedtime, unless they’re newborns. Skipping a nap or delaying bedtime for older babies can make for a cranky baby and an early departure. Luckily newborns can usually sleep through most noises.

2. Feed the baby before.

Make sure to feed your baby before arriving to the restaurant so that they’re satisfied and not cranky. If they’re taking bottles, pack your bottle with you in case they get hungry again and ask your server for a cup or bowl of hot water to heat it up. If they’re eating solids you can pack your purée with you in case they want more to eat.

3. Change the baby before.

The baby can very well soil their diaper 10 minutes after you’ve just changed it. However changing their diaper before leaving gives you a better chance of a cleaner diaper for longer and thus, a happier baby.

4. Entertainment.

Always bring something to entertain your baby with, age appropriate of course. Having some distractions and entertainment there for your little one will allow them to cling less to you and to not be bored. A bored and under-stimulated baby can turn into a cranky baby. So whether it’s a teething ring, their favourite play block or doll, or if they’re old enough, an iPad.

5. Appropriate resto choice.

Select a restaurant that is baby friendly and not one that takes too long to be served. If you’re at a restaurant that has many courses, is very busy, or tends to be slow service, perhaps this restaurant is the wrong choice for a baby if you want the evening to be as smooth as possible. Call the restaurant in advance to make sure the restaurant accommodates small children, equipped with a high-chair too, or space to place your car seat.

6. Location.

Make sure it’s not too far from home, if not walking distance, a short drive home. In case all goes wrong- uncontrollable crying or a suddenly ill child, make sure the way home is fast and easy.

7. Choose your company wisely.

Make sure the people you’re going out with are easy going with babies and aren’t going to be disturbed if your baby starts to cry. It would be a bonus to choose your company with friends or family that would be happy to help take care of your baby.

If you’ve already tried bringing your baby out to a restaurant and want a night out without the little one, call RN Privée for a specialized baby nurse so your evening can carry on with ease.