Why You Should Get Private At-Home Blood Tests

Many of you may be thinking that getting your bloods drawn at home is a costly and unnecessary service. If you live in Canada, you’re probably wondering why you would pay when you could get your bloods drawn for free. Although an extremely valid point, I’m pretty sure I can convince you that getting your bloods done privately will not only cost you significantly less than you think, but will also save you precious time. Read below to find out why you should get your bloods done privately, how it works and what it costs!

Why Go Private?

Most people are used to the current health care system and have always gotten their blood drawn in a public clinic or a hospital. Public clinics and hospitals are usually closed on weekends and evenings and only have availability during the weekday. Because of this, blood test centers are flooded with patients and wait times can be up to 3 hours. In addition to long wait times, you usually need to take a day off of work to be able to get your bloods drawn. Results also take up to two weeks to be processed and faxed over to your doctor.

When you use the public health care system for non-acute services, such as getting your blood drawn, you are using a flawed system. Although it is technically free, you are losing a day of work, (which you will most likely have to do extra hours to catch up for, if you are a salaried worker), and if you are payed by the hour you just lost a days worth of pay.

By going private, you are maximizing your time, avoiding sick days at work and getting results within 24 hours. If your private health insurer covers blood testing, you have an even greater reason to go private.

How It Works.

Private at-home blood tests are pretty self-explanatory. Once your doctor has given you a blood test requisition, instead of going to a clinic or a hospital, you can call a private clinic or agency to book an appointment. These clinics will schedule an appointment at your home (or location of choice), at a time that suits you. The nurse will then come and do the blood test. The blood specimens are dropped off at a private lab where they are processed. Results are quicker than a public clinic or hospital, and are usually available within 24 hours. The results are then faxed over to your doctor. You can also receive your own patient copy, upon request.


Costs will depend on where you live and what clinic/agency you decide to hire. In Montréal, Québec most private agencies charge similar prices. Blood test prices will also vary from person-to-person, depending on what your doctor has ordered. For example, the average price for bloods that are ordered during your yearly check-up are in the $300 range. If you are thinking that this is way too costly you might not have known, that most people who do go privately end up only paying 10-20% of the total cost of their blood test. This is because, they claim their blood tests under their insurances and are reimbursed within the month. Most people who have private health care insurance are unaware that their providers will usually cover up to 80-90% of the blood test cost. You should find out and take advantage of all the services that your private insurer provides you with! You are after all paying for this insurance.

Getting your bloods done privately and at-home is a service that will save you time and allow you to avoid sick calls at work. Not only is this service a highly convenient one, but most people will be surprised to find out that their private insurers will cover most of the costs. If you want more information or would like to book your at-home blood test click here! I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post, please comment below with any questions regarding blood testing and I will answer them 🙂