Top 4 Tips For Flying With Your Baby

The inspiration for this blog came from none other than an in-flight experience I recently had. The flight started in the same way you would expect any flight to begin; check-in, customs, much-needed coffee and finally boarding. As we boarded and I settled into my seat, I took a look around at my co-passengers and found myself sitting next to a young couple with a 3-month-old baby boy in tow.

The baby’s mother and I got to talking and I told her about my line of work. Being that my business was baby-centered we hit it off and had plenty to talk about. I soon found out that this trip was the first with her little one. She shared that she had much anxiety about travelling and spent months contemplating the details regarding what could go wrong. She told me she was most nervous about any uncontrollable crying, ear pressure, disturbing the other passengers and making sure she packed the right supplies. I wondered what it really took to fly with a baby and admit I didn’t realize it would have to take that much planning. After some research and direct tips from my new in-flight friend, I developed my top 4 tips for flying with your baby! Enjoy!

Tip # 1: Figure Out Where Your Baby Is Going To Sit

You don’t need to buy a plane ticket for babies less than 2 years old as they are allowed to sit on your lap. Although most people opt for this way to travel, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does recommend a child restraint system as the safest way to travel with your little one. For this, you will need to buy a plane ticket for your baby. You will also need to check if the car seat is approved for use on an airplane. In either case, make sure you call your airline beforehand to inform them that you will be travelling with your baby. They may give you a seat closer to the front of the airplane for easy boarding and exiting.

Tip # 2: Schedule The Flight For Nap-time

The flight with your baby will go a lot smoother if you can get them to sleep throughout most of the flight. If your baby is on a predictable routine you can take advantage and book the flight during their morning or afternoon naps!

Tip # 3: Pack Accordingly

With delays and cancellations, flights can be somewhat unpredictable. Packing accordingly can save you a fussy and hungry baby in these potential situations. Pack more than what you think your baby will need. For example, depending on how long your flight is, you may need to pack more than one bottle, multiple diapers and wipes, change of clothes, pacifiers, blankets and any age appropriate toys. In order to maximize space, you can also try to opt for the travel size version of all your baby items.

 Tip # 4: Protect Their Ears

The mom I met during my flight had her son suck on a pacifier during descent and takeoff. She said, her pediatrician highly recommended that she do this in order to help prevent ear pressure. It seemed to work, and after researching what other mothers do, sucking on a bottle or pacifier seems to be the way to go!

Travelling is a fun and exciting time, it can however be somewhat of a stressor when it comes to flying with your little one. Remember to call the airline ahead and inform them that you’ll be travelling with your baby, try and schedule the flight during nap time, pack accordingly and protect their ears from the pressure caused by decent and takeoff. Have fun and I hope enjoyed you this week’s blog post! Comment below on any tips and tricks that have helped you fly with your baby!