1. To Monitor For Infection:

Nurses can catch an infection in an early stage. Infection is at high risk after any surgery. It can not only set back the recovery for the individual it can also be life threatening. Nurses have assessment skills and tools to look for the earliest signs of infection, and thus can react accordingly. Nurses also prevent infection by keeping environment clean and the wound sterile.

2. Medications:

You might be on a cocktail of medications after surgery, you might not remember the last time you took your pain med and what time it is now. A nurse will put your medications on a schedule, will wake you up to give them to you, and will assess your pain in case you need more pain relief measures. The narcotics that may be given after surgery can be dangerous if misused or not monitored throughout use. One of the side effects of these narcotics is respiratory depression, meaning the breaths will slow down so significantly that it can be fatal. A nurse will monitor for these side effects and can react accordingly.

3. To Monitor For Hemorrhage:

Another major complication after a big surgery is hemorrhage. Hopefully this wouldn’t happen,but it is a possibility and luckily having a nurse there who can assess for the early signs of hemorrhage and react appropriately. This would be an emergency circumstance that would require attention immediately at the closest hospital.

4. Mobilize:

A nurse will help the individuals mobilize after surgery, which can increase their recovery time significantly. If the individual has had a recent surgery and is trying to get up alone, it can be difficult or nearly impossible to not injure the operated area. The nurse is also an excellent resource to practice any specific instructions from the physiotherapist or doctor with.

5. Dressing Changes:

A nurse can check the dressing and wound regularly at home to save the client from having to go to the doctor’s office/hospital. Checking the dressing on a regular basis will allow the nurse to assess how the wound is healing and to assess for infection too. If there is any complication it could be fixed much more quickly having an at-home nurse.

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