If you are having a baby and in the process of deciding what necessities to think of prior to delivering, you may have already considered a baby nurse. You might be asking yourself certain questions like; ‘what is a baby nurse anyway?’; ‘and what will they be doing?’,  ‘do I need a baby nurse if my newborn isn’t sick?’ Well, depending on what type of setting you have a baby nurse, there will be different meanings, but this specific to the job title inside your home. [A hospital baby nurse is very different in that they have many more strenuous tasks and responsibilities, they are also required to be a registered nurse taking care of sick infants.]

A baby nurse can or cannot actually be a nurse, many agencies provide a baby nurse that have no nursing experience rather just a lot of newborn experience, called a “newborn specialist”. If you prefer a nurse, you could have a registered nurse, a nursing assistant, or a nursing student. You may not require a registered nurse for a healthy newborn, in which case a newborn specialist, or someone with nursing background is more than adequate. All baby nurses at RN Privee, are CPR certified,background checked, and thoroughly trained by registered nurse professionals, specialized in newborn care.

What does a baby nurse do?

Your baby nurse will take care of your newborns basic needs; change their diaper & clothes, prepare the bottle, bottle feed or bring the baby to mom for breastfeeding, assist with breastfeeding, bathe the baby, and sterilize the baby bottles. Your baby nurse is a great support system and a wonderful resource to teach you tricks and tips on feeding, burping, and handling of your new little human.

A baby nurse typically will stay in your baby’s room or just next to it. They are allowed to sleep when the baby sleeps, as long as they can wake up easily when baby starts to fuss.

How do I know if I need a Baby Nurse?

Whether you take a baby nurse for a few nights/week or you have one every night for several months; the extra help will allow any parent to recuperate, sleep, work, and be the best parent you can be with more patience and a rested mind. If you want to know if you need a baby nurse, ask yourself; do I need a break?

How do I find a baby nurse?

You can find a baby nurse through word-of-mouth, through referral social groups like on Facebook, or through an agency. The safest and most reliable way to find your caregiver is through an agency. They have a lot on the line to send a baby nurse to your home, they have done thorough background checks, training, and interviewing to find the best that this field has to offer.


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