We often get asked by our customers to provide them with a great nurse. Someone who will always go above and beyond. RN Privée takes pride in carefully handpicking each nurse that we hire, it still begs the question, what are those characteristics that make up the GREAT nurses? What separates the best from the rest?  After careful reflection, we narrowed down our list that we truly believe characterizes every great nurse.

*We want to hear from you on this one. Share with us the characteristics that you think make up great nurses!

1- Intelligence

It almost goes without saying, but you cannot be a GREAT nurse unless you are brilliant. While academic requirements for nursing programs are typically high, the best nurses have another level of intelligence that sets them apart from their peers. It doesn’t stop there though, GREAT nurses are lifelong learners and are constantly looking to develop their skills. This is a key component we look for when we hire at RN Privée.

2- Empathy

While you cannot be a great nurse without the hard skills and knowledge necessary, great nurses must also have unparalleled levels of empathy for their patients. When they can connect with a patient and understand what they are going through, they will be able to better adapt the services to their specific needs. Empathy is something every GREAT nurse exudes daily.

3- Reliability

Much of the nursing profession comes down to proper charting and monitoring. While you can be the smartest nurse, and have the most empathy for your patients, those two characteristics mean nothing if you can’t be relied on. Reliability can be measured in two distinct manners (and both are present in a great nurse).

  • First, is the reliability that they show up on time and prepared for their care. This is a necessity as timing can be an important part of nursing.
  • Second, you must be able to rely on the nurse to make decisions when pressure is on. You are trusting this person with your health and/or your loved one’s health, every great nurse delivers profound reliability.

4- Passion for Care 

Passion is an important part of any profession, but it is specifically pronounced when it comes to care taking. The best nurses have an oozing passion for what they do. It is evident in every conversation they have with their patients. Some nurses may be competent in their role, without a driving passion to provide the best care, they will never be GREAT!

5- Team Work

Nursing a patient is hardly ever a one person operation. Collaboration is essential to provide the best possible care. Whether working along side other nurses, medical professionals or the family of the patient, great nurses are able to build a team mentality and help everyone feel comfortable and confident with the care being provided.