Happy Mother’s day to all Mama’s but especially to all our new ones! Are you wondering how to treat your friend or loved one who is celebrating their first Mother’s Day? Look no further… Based on a survey taken by old Moms, new Moms, cool Moms, and Mom’s to-be in Montreal, these are the top 5 gifts ideas!!


Restaurant Gift Certificates.

So whether this is to enjoy as a night out with their partner or a certificate to order in from her favourite resto, treat her with yummy food – so she doesn’t have to cook!


Spa Treatment.

Allowing or even forcing a new mom to take care of herself can be so relaxing and liberating. Letting her get pampered when she is always taking care of others is a great way to show her how special and appreciated she is.


Comfy Clothes.

Getting your favourite new mom a nice pair of Lululemon leggings or  sweatpants is a sure way to get her attention. Who doesn’t like to be cozy? Especially after giving birth it is much more comfortable wearing loose clothing, until mom starts feeling more like herself.


Baby Nurse Service.

If you want to give the ultimate package to a new mom, it’s a night off or maybe a little help so she can do the things she needs to finally get done! You can select a registered nurse or a caregiver to meet the family’s needs who has newborn experience, is CPR certified, and background checked. The nurses and caregivers at RN Privée can provide you with long term or short term needs, and it can be for overnight or daytime help.


Cleaning Service.

If you’ve ever had a newborn, you know how easy it is for your house to get turned upside down. The gift of some cleaning fairies coming in without judgement to tidy up, do the laundry, and clean the kitchen is a dream.