‘Tis the season to be jolly… right? Well, sometimes that’s hard when the holiday stress kicks in. Whether you’ve been studying for exams, and now have only a couple days to do all your Christmas shopping, or you’re hosting 20 people for the holidays, or you have to work throughout or up until the holidays… it’s a busy time of year with an automatic 10 extra things added to your daily to-do list.

Some people don’t understand the stress. You have some time off of school or work, you have a few gifts to buy, some cleaning, prepping, and learning how to make a turkey for the whole fam… pfft big deal! YES big deal!

With your long list of to-dos, needing to remain cheerful, and enjoy the holiday season… here are a few tips for getting through the stressful holidays!

Be organized.

This means make your to-do lists and check them twice (or 50 times)! Taking time to just organize your reminders, to-dos, and shopping lists. Also when it’s organized and written out, you can cluster what things you will do together and map them out to save you time.

Fit in some “me” time.

No matter how busy life and the holidays can get, make sure you still take that time for yourself. If that means hitting the gym, making your nail appointments, meditating, or maintaining your healthy eating habits, do so; your body and future self in 2018 will thank you for it. It’s always great to indulge, but make sure you’re taking care of yourself too. We all need this reminder once in a while. My sister taught me that this year, I was crazy busy and she reminded me to stop, breathe, and booked me a much needed massage!

Don’t break your head or the bank for the perfect gift.

I know, your kids really want a new iPad. You have 4 kids, quick mental math… if you can do it then great, but if you can’t get all your kids the latest and greatest, there’s been worse times and it will only grow them some character (or resentment). But don’t worry, it’s not worth it if it’s breaking the bank. And what about searching high and low for that perfect present that you aren’t quite sure what it is yet? Don’t break your head over it, save yourself some sanity, buy a gift certificate or go into a novelty store, you’ll be sure to find something cool for all your picky gift receivers.


I know how it feels to want to do everything on your own. But if that’s at the cost of your sanity… delegate! Friends and family who are offering their help can be taken up on that offer once in a while. Put your husband and kids to work too.

Remind yourself to have fun.

This sounds so sad. But it’s a very important reminder. Sometimes you need to remind yourself to have fun and enjoy what should be good times in not only your life but during the holidays as well. My sister in-law actually told me this not long ago, and it’s really stuck with me. Every once in a while you need to stop, breathe, and recheck yourself to enjoy whatever it may be around you, appreciate, and let the good times roll…

Most of all enjoy your family time. It is precious, and what you’re all getting together for, not the gifts or turkey.

Happy holidays everyone and stay stress-free!